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Details of various Laboratories available

1.   Equipments for science laboratory

The institution have at least one set of all science apparatus instruments required to perform and demonstrate the experiments prescribed in the secondary and senior secondary classes for physics, chemistry and biology. All required chemicals and consumables also available in the college.

2.   Equipments for Psychological Laboratories

Apparatus for simple experiments related to Educational Psychology, Intelligence Tests (performance, non verbal and verbal) Aptitude Test, Creativity Tests, Personality Scales, Attitude Tests and Interest Inventories etc. available in the college.

3.   Equipment for Educational Technology Laboratory

One Radio, One TV , DVD, One audio cassette recorder, one slide-cum-film-strip projector, one over head projector, one still camera,ten blank audio cassettes, art materials for Preparation of charts and slides, materials for transparencies, 3 computers with supporting accessories, facilities for accessing and use of digital learning resources and access to internet etc. available in the college.

4.   Arrangement for language learning

The charts, dictionaries, slide projector, c.d, ref. books, computer etc. available in the college.

5.   Computer Laboratory

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